Birmingham escorts

The UK escort industry is big business. More discreet than street prostitution and the girls working in it are usually a higher quality. Some are even educated to degree standard. But the truth of it all is, the UK escort industry is nothing more than Posh Prostitution.

The escorting industry is the businesses that are involved in the adult entertainment industry or sex industry. The escorting industry offers a service of companionship and sexual services. The escort industry has millions of mostly women, but also men, working within it, worldwide. The escort industry is very secretive and discrete. Ensuring the identitites of the working girls and clients are hidden. There are many members of the general public who do not agree with the industry. 

Because sexual services are offered, it is argued that the escorting industry is simply a legal front for prostitution. But the escort industry claims that “money is paid for time and companionship only. Anything else that takes place is between two consenting adults”. So, money is not paid for any sexual services. Confusing, huh?  

Within the escort agency, there are escort agencies or independent escorts. An escort agency will advertise or represent escorts and subsequently make their bookings. An independent escort will advertise herself and make her own bookings. It is also argued that girls who are advertised by an escort agency, are in fact working for them and their rules, so are therefore controlled. Which is illegal in the UK. It is not illegal to be an escort, but there are things which are illegal within the escort industry.  

The escort industry receives criticism, because it is often associated with criminal activity, such as human trafficking, drug abuse and the exploitation of minors under the age of consent. However, those who do not use the industry for criminal activity are actually providing a personal service for lonely people. Take disabled clients for example who cannot leave their house. A caring and compassionate escort who willingly provides him with a female companion and personalized service, surely is an angel in disguise? An escort who is not controlled, is free to make her own decision and leave at any time is arguably not controlled by the escort industry.  

So why are there so many escort agencies in the UK, if they are illegal? This is because they are tolerated by the police. If the escort industry keeps a low profile, has no complaints and is seen to be doing nothing criminal, they turn a blind eye. Many escort agencies in the UK have been operating for over a decade! With no problems from the authorities. If an incall premises has a complaint from neighbours, very often the escort industry will move to another.